Our Aegean Houses outdoors swimming pool

Α summer hotel is all about the pool, isn’ it? A big outdoor pool of 220sq.m. with fresh water ideal for swimming and big splashes is there for you. Special mechanisms ensure everyday the crystal clear of the water. Comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas around the pool await for you to sunbathe all you want and they are free of charge! The pool bar nearby prepares the best cocktails and the sun is always shinning. Welcome to the Greek summer! Can you think of anything better?

Our Aegean Houses outdoors Jacuzzi

Just by the pool, the pleasure of a jacuzzi is awaiting for you to enjoy. Relax and why not, order a cocktail; you’re on holiday!

Our Aegean Houses outdoors children’s pool

Aegean Houses loves families and families love Aegean Houses. Therefore a children’s pool could not be missing. With crystal clear fresh water and lots of smiles around, your children will love it.