ΝOSTOS: Your restaurant in Kos

Welcome to Nostos, our Aegean Houses restaurant in Kos. In a fresh scenery in front of the hotel’s pool, you ‘ll enjoy the delicacies prepared daily by our Chef.

Are you enjoying your sunbathing in the pool and just need to grab something quick and light? Choose from our Snack Bar Menu a fresh, crunchy salad οr a super tasty club sandwich. Or maybe you will go for a rich lunch with a classic, Greek cuisine, summer dish? Whatever may be the case, you are in the right place!

Do you feel like enjoying the summer evening colors in our veranda’s romantic surroundings? NOSTOS restaurant gets all dressed up for the evening and offers you a Dinner Menu with more special dishes.

So, if you are looking for a restaurant to taste how we cook here in Kos, NOSTOS is the place to be. But even if you just wanna have a pizza or a burger, we prepare them with such quality materials that they stop being a nutritional sin!

Quality ingredients, most of them local, a joyful atmoshere and our Chef’s talent will make you come to our NOSTOS restaurant here in Kos, again and again. And you will be always welcome!