The Aegean Houses Menu: Delicious & Nourishing!

Salads, Hot & Cold Appetizers, Kids Menu, Greek courses, Soups, Pizza, Pasta, Main Meat & Seafood Courses & Desserts. Take a glance at some of our favorites!


Tender meat from local beef, with wine sauce and a hint of garlic, served with mashed potatoes

Stuffed Vegetables (“Gemista”)

Tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and minced meat served with baked potatoes


Fried eggplant, zucchini and potatoes, with spicy yogurt sauce

Spicy meat balls (“Sutzukakia”)

A dish from the Greeks of Ιstanbul, with tomato, garlic and cumin sauce, served with rice

Spicy Feta (“Buyiurdi”)

Baked feta cheese with tomato, pepper and chilli flakes

Crepe Florentine

Crepe filled with spinach, assorted cheeses and creme freche

Gorgonzola Burger

Fresh minced meat with gorgonzola sauce, creme freche and mushrooms, cooked with white wine, served with frech fries