Boat trip

Arriving at Pothia, the capital of Kalymnos, you get impressed by the multicolored houses built in an amphitheatre arrangement around the bay.

It is not to be overlooked that Kalymnos is better known as "the island of the sponge-divers". Everywhere around there are small stalls with sponges and the so-called "sponge-factories". After you visit of such a small family-factory, or better be called sponge-workshop, you will know a lot more about the origin of the sponges, their different forms colors and qualities and the difficulties and dangers the divers have to face to collect them.

The second part of the excursion you can relax and enjoy the crystal-clear water by plunging into it from the boat, or just have a good time eating the typical Greek picnic of souvlaki (skewer) and salad, in the island of Pserimos.

Timetable of the trip

  • Departure from the hotel at 09:30 am.
  • Departure from Mastihari port: 10.00 am
  • Arrival to Kalymnos: 11.00 am, free time in Kalymnos 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Departure from Kalymnos: 12.30 pm
  • Arrival to Pserimos: 13.30 pm free time with pinic in Pserimos about 3 hours
  • Departure from Pserimos: 16.30 pm
  • Arrival to Mastihari port: 17.00 pm