The wine cheese (cheese of “possa” for the locals) is an ancient recipe that Koans preserve and produce up to today. It is a perfect accompaniment for wine or ouzo as well as for fruits - such as watermelon, that was the typical farmer’s lunch on the island.

The sweet tomato jam is another traditional taste that is made of the local variety of tomato. Of all the local products of Kos, honey is the most outstanding. It has a fresh aroma and delicious taste.

Olive oil is produced yearly from the rich olive groves of the island and you will have the opportunity to sample it on your salad.

Local wine was also known for its exceptional quality since the ancient years. Hippocrates has referred on the medical antioxidant properties of wine and mentioned a local variety of wine that was mixed with seawater for it had a very strong sweet taste. Such wine is still found in the mountain villages of the island and there are also 3 wineries that produce a wide wine range of local and international varieties.